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tv   [untitled]    August 1, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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we're looking forward to making it a better event for the community. the community is around the area. and as dana touched on, figure out how we can expand on the programs that went to benefit your parks and recreation department. we're excited about doing that. from nbc and to all of our sponsors we're looking to make an impact on the community and the kids as a whole. thank you. >> mr. kingburg. >> if you can stick around there for one second. this is a good event last year. and you've been a great entity to work with. one of the pieces of the conversations that we started last year that i like to see us get a jump on this year given your focus on the community aspect of the event is some investment for our skate board parks. we get a lot of feedback from folks that they like to see more elements or additional parks and i know that we had started that conversation last year but we
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didn't have enough time to make it real and i would really encourage you to work with dana where we can get the right staff in the room so we can do special when the event has ended and add a couple of elements at the skate board parks that we do have because they're really needed. >> absolutely. that's one of the -- as you mentioned phil, that's one of the things we got a late start on. we talked to our builders on that and we're interested in making that happen. and we've got a bunch of other ideas in addition to just skate elements that i think can help support that we've touched on with your staff already. that's a big piece for us and we're committed to doing that. >> thank you. >> is there any other public comment on this item. being none. public comment is closed. commissioners. >> let me ask dana one question. would i assume correctly that the bike share installation we just approved won't interfere with this? >> they may need to take the
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bikes out during the event but the installation -- that's why we tucked it between the two stair wells and picked that spot. >> thank you. seeing no other questions. entertain a motion >> he would like to see our general manager skate board in the half pipe would like to move for this matter to be approved. >> so moved. is there a second. >> second. >> moved and seconded. all those in favor. >> i. >> approved. >> we're on item 9 play ground renovation project. >> good morning commissioners. my name is tokes with the capital division. it's an
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action for the paliga play ground by increasing the amount an allowed from 1.95 to an amount not to exceed 1.05. just a quick background. this project is one of the biggest bond. this is a project approximately $21 million. in january 12, the recreation park approved the contract to builders in the amount of 10.195. this includes the base contract and some alternates. the project is now 85 percent complete. and is scheduled to complete be the end of august 2013 for a grand opening there.
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this facility is over 60 years old. we went into this project with our eyes wide open and anticipating some of these changes. to date approximately 25,000 have been approved in changes to date. over half of that is related to all of the conditions that had repairs to the interior and wood framing, exterior repairs and replacing of the metal windows and some extra paint removal in preparation for new paint. in addition there was some changes brought about by the trench route changes due to the installation of a transformer. that installation is not
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complete. section 6.22 of the administration code allowed for contract modification totaling up to 10 percent of the contract, modification exciting 10 percent requires approval which is why i am here today. i want to emphasize that the -- this contract amount is still within the project budget. this increase allows the project to address additional changes in order to meet the scheduled opening -- scheduled project by the end of august. i'll be happy to answer any questions you might have. >> thank you. is there any public comment. being none. public comment is closed. >> commissioners. >> entertain a motion. >> moved. >> second. >> all in favor. >> i. >> so moved. thank you.
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>> thank you. >> we're now on item 10 the golden gate golf course lease. we need everyone to take a seat, please.
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>> good morning commissioners, nick for the recreation parks department. the item you have before you is a five year lease for the golf foundation and operation golf course. in 2011 the commissioner had a -- it's the existing lease had expired and was continuing on a month to month basis. in 2012, the commission selected the first tea foundation as the winning respondant to that rft. it was selected for a number of reasons including the -- their breathe of experience operating
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the youth programs and programming activities for young golfers. one of the things that we were looking out for for on the golden gate golf course was to enhance our active program at the site. as you look at it in our portfolio of golf courses, it's one of the more easily playable courses and one of the quicker courses for young learners to play as a nine hole park three. so we saw this an opportunity to add youth program at this site and a site for seniors and other beginning golfers. being familiar with the first teas experience operation both at hardening park and visitation valley, we saw it a good fit to enhance our activities at the site and managing the course
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for all golfers. so in february 12 the commission approved the selection and authorizes staff to negotiate a lease with the first t for the course. the management of the course. one of the pirs things that first t did was set up a separate foundation. the dpoelden gate park foundation who would be team managing the course. they did this to ensure separation between harden park and this course where they'll manage for all golfers not just for their youth participants and that's something we felt was important to us as a department. the least you may recall was actually first present the lease before you now was first presented to the operations committee in fall of last year. there was a question if the first t that will be installed
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at the course requires approval. the department over the last few months has gone to the planning department and obtained both see kwent approval to make sure we're complying with those controls. a little bit about the golden park golf foundation, they are operated by a board of nine directors. some who are members of the first t board of directors. some of them who are not. there are expertise within that board and youth program and golf course management. the day-to-day operations at the golden gate park course will be managed by emily who is a level two pga apprentice and has previously worked at golden gate golf course as a golf professional and a director and is currently
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the -- assistant director at hardening park first t. she'll be assisted by tom who has been a professional at a variety of courses in florida and also assistant golf professionals at a few other courses as well. while the course will be managed for all golf users who -- all users who want to use the golf course, we think the first t is going to be partnered with the local schools to provide enhance access to the golf course and also importantly training for youth not only in golf but in many of the life lessons of integrity and the course curriculum of the t program. they're going to work with the
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enrichment and the sunset and the majority of their program participants both for their in school program and after school programs will be coming from the surrounding neighborhoods. the key lease terms is five years. there's a two year potential extension term. there's an annual base rent of $225,000 and then above that the cities would receive 100 ners of all greens fees between $350 thousand and there's a revenue of greens fee for all revenue above $500,000. important to know in this lease the city will continue to maintain the golf city. and the gardeners will still be doing that work and that will not change. this is for the t time of managing the clubhouse
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and importantly adding all of this new youth programming. one of the issues the department has, i think, really worked diligently on as we prepare this lease is how to manage the -- how to balance the needs of the existing course users and the new youth golfers who are going to be heading out there. so we have -- working with the first t developed a schedule that balances those needs and allows the existing user to continue to use the course. first they'll be no first t students on the course before 9:30 a.m. on saturday, sunday and holidays. those who golf, you know that the saturday times are the first to go. so we're going to hold off on having those kids on saturday mornings so let the existing users to do that. it requires that students be able to be
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proficient in the game of golf before they're out there playing around. so they want to make sure that the kids aren't slowing down the system so they'll have -- they'll be doing drills off to the side and as students learn the game, they'll be able to integrate into the course so we hope there's not a backlog because of the kids on the course. and that's what we've seen at hardening. the children actually do integrate nicely into the flow of the course and the t time systems. also important to note as we talk about balancing course usage, over the last few years, rounds of golf are down about 12,000 per year, so we've seen a significant decrease, i think, both because of the economy and because the increasing popular
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of other recreation activities and young people are not playing golf as they once did. we've seen a decrease in t-time and there's an opportunity to add back. and also for us as the owner of multiple golf owners in the city, it's important for us to teach them. these are people that are going to play golf 20 years from now. that's our base so it will be growing and teaching this game to younger users is important to us from a financial perspective. the lease does require the golden park foundation to make capital improvements to the premises. the total is $150,000. we have worked with the first -- with the golden park foundation to determine what those improvements should be. we felt that she should be improves that should benefit
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all users. so the agreed upon improves are upgrading the boxes in the course to reduce the number of difbities. should this lease be approved, we're diligent to have these completed as soon as possible. as i mentioned earlier the first tea will install a portable classroom in the parking lot to provide classroom space for their kids. the first tea program -- kids don't go out and play golf. they do classroom activities, they work on their homework, they learn lessons about core life values and much of the program is actually spent in the classroom and so the first tea golden park foundation working with the first tea will install a portal classroom. and we have received all of the
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required approvals for that portable classroom and should this lease be approved, we should work with the golden park foundation and the first tea to install this portable classroom. this process has been like a lot of our processes. it has taken years and throughout that long process, there has been a community outreach to that. as we have prepared this lease and negotiated this lease and presenting the lease to the commission for their approval, we've had a number of public meeting. we had two last year where we discussed this possibilities, one of the key ideas that the public stress to think more chosen about and more diligent about was how to balance the course times. we've done that. we have worked in the last, you know,
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of the course of these negotiations to balance those needs and i'm happy to report that just last month we had a meeting and the majority, there was no real significant opposition to the lease. all of the tenants attended the public meeting and they were supportive of moving forward with the proposal. lastly the financial benefit to the department should we enter into this lease, as i mentioned the lease has a base rent of $25,000 per year and it does have a participation structure so revenues exceed certain thresholds we continue to increase the revenues from the rent receive, so in year one, we're project to receive $270,000. in year five that number is expected to grow to
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$412,000 in revenue. with that, i would make myself available for any questions that the commission had. >> thank you. go ahead margaret. >> so we'll start with public comment. i have michael and prometer followed by jane, is it derrick and then shawn scott followed by dennis westry. if you could please be lined up and ready to go. thank you. go ahead. >> good morning ladies and gentlemen of the commission. >> could i have you -- >> i'm sorry. >> can you hear me now. >> good morning ladies and gentlemen of the commission, i'm speaking today as a citizen of san francisco and a user of golden gate park golf course
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which i've been using for the last several years. it seems to me although first tea is a great organization and their goals are very [inaudible] in, it seems to me that this proposal is an attempt to that nopize the public system. it doesn't seem to fit with the current youth of the facility. for example, there's schedules for saturday mornings of not having it before 9:30 in the morning. early morning tea times are preferable. there's plans to install a double wide classroom. it would take up parking spaces. they say they
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acquired the necessary permits but it's not clear to me from this last presentation that they've met subsection 1 which we just followed. no building or structure except for nursery, equipment facilities and stations shall be erected, edge larged at golden park park or union square. that such action has been approved by a vote of 2/3. i don't know if they received that vote of board of supervisors, but if fact they have not received the required permits. it would be important to note that they would create a significant parking program unless they have plans to expand the parking. the proposal fails to meet the requirements of the rfp because they have a lack of
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experience of actually running a golf facility as oppose to an education program as well as a food and beverage experience which they do not have. my time is running out. i thank you very much for allowing me this time to present and i urge you to reject this proposal. thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> again, be have sean scott, dennis westry, turner, kevin. if you could please be lined up against the wall and be ready to go. >> good morning commissioners. my name is james and i'm a 4th generation san franciscon and a retired administrator having served at middle school for the past 13 years. in 2009 i was approved by the first tea of san francisco board of directors and asked if our school would become partners
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with the firts tea of san francisco and develop a first tea center at the school for the benefit of elementary and middle schools in the vegetation neighborhoods. as you know vegetation middle schools backed up to clairen park. with the approval of the san francisco district, this partnership was developed into a great san francisco success story. the first tea installed that needed equipment, the school site over $300,000 in materials and golf sports equipment. today over 1,500 lowen come students from the bay area, hunters point and vegetation area have learned to play golf in this area. in additions students have gone onto play golf at glen eagle and hardening golf courses.
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the course course and the students who use it have been featured on television and magazines and newspapers. the first tea national organization in our local first tea organization is made up of members of the community who is doing an outstanding job of working with the youth of our city and expanded their cities to the west side of the city and are using harden park as one of their centers. addition of this center at golden gate park will go a long way to bringing first tea to the students in the richmond, sunset and southside of the city. we're looking for partners in the private sector. addition ^ of a first tea who are partners with the golden gate park is outstanding. i found the first t of san francisco staff to be excellent
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partners, and their employees and staff have been positive with the students that they serve. i will commend you that you approve this activity. thank you very much. >> sean and then dennis. thank you. >> good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the panel. i don't have any written speeches or anything like that or numbers in terms to advocate for the prince palts and money is directed where. i'm here for the kids and as you see we have a lot of them here. this is a very important program for them in the learning stages of their lives. my daughter is a participant for the last five years. her grades have been up
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substantially due to this program and i truly believe that with the advocate of all these people who wants this to get passed, it should get passed because the kids are more important than anybody's saturday morning tea time. in order for all of these kids to develop their skills and to be properly taught, they need a good facility, they need some space, i know harden is one of our more professional sponsors. it may not have the full capacity of the necessarities what the kids need. golden gate park, i've been golfing myself there for the past 12 years and i've been to every golf course around here and that would be a great facility for them to learn and to get
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some good skills in terms of their golfing as well as their education and i'm a strong advocate for these kids. i will continue to be and i think you should all have the same feeling because they are our precious future and you never know. you might have some good champions back there right in our mist and by you representing them to the full capacity and not developing any prejudice or anything, give them a chance. i thank you for listening to me and i hope you guys have a great day. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> good morning everyone. my name is dennis westry and i've been with the first tea for nine years and in that time i've learned many things. that
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introduction was borrowed from this young man when he created a video in a competition to become a participant in a tournament with a professional and he went on and he represented our chapter of first tea with honor. in that speech in the video he talked about what was important to him. and what impressed me the most was the fact that he used integrity to say those are the things that he holds dear to his heart. i'm sorry the gentleman that spoke first left. we have two kids over there who came in with me. we are in it together. we understand what's at stake here in terms of growing the program the way it should be grown. the first tea pandng. we have
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involved with the program this summer. we really need the space. our mission has to do with providing a safe environment for kids, having them make healthy choices, important choices, character development is at the forefront of that. when you talk about community outreach at its best, it's first tea san francisco. we started out in southeast corner of our city with kids from the bay view hunters point, the online registration encompasses es and these kids knee a place to play. we don't want golden gate park to upset the balance that's been created there. we feel like there's
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enough room for everybody. when we talk about offering an opportunity for individuals to play golf, the public deserve a good venue for that. we wouldn't hender. picture the little ones that are well trained with the older ones who appear to operate out of that community working together to create the game of golf and to make it better. thank you. >> thank you. >> karen -- kevin and then rahon, then tony and lauren. >> hi. >> he's going to speak with this video. >> terrick is going to speak with